G@W-CREA Podcast Series, Episode 2: How are artists, activists, and movements on the margins rethinking exclusion and inclusion in more intersectional ways?

Social power and injustice are often expressed and experienced through inclusion and exclusion. This episode explores what constitutes inclusion or exclusion, who are the most excluded groups and identities, and how diverse constituencies are connecting to challenge their marginalisation. The role of creative people in raising awareness about exclusionary politics is also explored.

Participants in this episode are Aruna Rao (moderator), Janet Price, Independent Activist, UK/New Zealand; Thea Khoury, AFEMENA, Lebanon; Gabrielle le Roux, Artist-Activist, South Africa; Nthabisend [Babalwa] Mokoena, Intersex Activist, South Africa; and Dada Ben Azouz, Artist, Tunisia.

Gender at Work and CREA co-developed a podcast series on feminists rethinking politics and resistance, reimagining change and transformation and rebooting struggles and movements. We asked participants at CREA’s Re-conference in Nepal – artists, performers, writers, activists, policy makers, film makers and many others from the disability rights, sex worker rights, environmental rights, sexual and reproductive rights and queer movements from around the world – to reflect on a series of provocative questions: How are you responding to criminalization? How are you standing up to threats to critical thinking, freedom of expression, right to organize and protest, and suppression of rights? How are artists, activists and movements on the margins addressing issues of exclusion and inclusion in more intersectional ways? In the face of progressive terminology, how can we rethink language and terminology so as to shape new strategies, narratives and advocacy? Why and how do we need to reimagine ideas around consent, pleasure and danger? How can we reboot cross- movement alliance building for greater collective voice and impact?

All episodes were recorded at the CREA Re-conference in Nepal in April 2019.

Listen to the episode directly on iTunes here!

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