Episode 03: Evolutionary Organizations

In our third episode hosted by Aruna Rao and David Kelleher, we’d like to share a discussion on Fredric Laloux’s popular book, Reinventing Organisations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage in Human Consciousness?, which was published in 2014. We are joined by Michel Friedman, our Senior Associate based in South Africa, Tania Principe, our Director of Management and Operations and Kailee Jordan, a G@W Associate based in Somaliland. In his book, Laloux discusses the evolution of organisational structures and he labels each type by a different color. The focus of the book is around the colour TEAL which represents organizations with an evolutionary purpose and a non-hierarchical management style.

Some of the questions we asked ourselves were:

1) What are the evolutionary stages of organizations according to Laloux and why are they important? 2) What is meant by the “evolutionary purpose of organization”? 3) What is needed for discovering an organization’s evolutionary purpose? and 4) What stops this from happening?

One thought on “Episode 03: Evolutionary Organizations

  1. Dear G@W Member,

    I believe in Gender@Work’s analytical framework. Loving the podcasts and your website. Great great word! World and beyond need this work.

    Strongly think and feel that your organization can benefit greatly from inner work. I will be following with the hope that you dig into this quite deep. Seems to me that your groups evolutionary stage is very much ready to do so. It is hard and messy work yet it is amazing once you start it. Your outer work will definitely benefit. The world will benefit.

    How do you vision Gender@Work members doing inner work as a group/collective ? How do you keep a continued dialogue about your own feelings/thoughts within the organization? How do you deal with built in hierarchies?

    From the titles of the website, I understand it is a traditionally organized workplace (i.e. there is an E.D.). Why do think and organization need an E.D.? I do not know how titles in your org work in everyday action. How people perceive each other? How your own group’s power structure manifest itself? What does power mean in your organization. Who holds it? How does power feel like for each one of you? Or, what is your perception of power? E.D’s power? Board’s power? Founding members’ power? On and on….Or, lack of power?

    Would you ever transform into a flat organization? A, “worker’s owned collective” type management style? Financial structures, in most cases, impose management style. No?

    I am very very interested in your journey. Look forward to hearing the new podcasts on this issues.

    Have a fabulous day!

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